Roadschooling – P.E. at White Sands National Monument

We woke up this morning earlier than we thought we would. Our campsite was very close to the main road, and close to the entrance/exit of the park. So, at about 5:50 we were all wide awake. Breakfast was at a restaurant close to Carlsbad Caverns where half of us tried more local fare. IContinue reading “Roadschooling – P.E. at White Sands National Monument”

Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap

So far – 9 days over 1500 miles (x2 vehicles) 8 states lots of friends and family 0 speeding tickets 0 major fights 2 or 3 things left behind or lost 4 head colds 1 starfish (or sea star as they are now called, but I’m old school so it’s still a starfish to me)Continue reading “Roadschooling (& moving) East to West – Week 1 recap”

Roadschooling East to West Coast

Lately it has been my desire to do more roadschooling – traveling with the intent of learning while we’re on the go. This summer I GET TO DO JUST THAT – in an EPIC way for us. We are moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. And we’re taking three weeks to makeContinue reading “Roadschooling East to West Coast”

Roadschool – Yorktown and Jamestown

This past week was Homeschool Week at Yorktown and Jamestown. We’ve been before, but Ash was too young to remember, and you can always use a refresher course on historical events, right? We spent one day at Yorktown and the next day at Jamestown. The Yorktown Victory Center now consists of a middle-class-size colonial farm,Continue reading “Roadschool – Yorktown and Jamestown”

Cleaning and Homeschooling Don’t Mix…Do They?

Preconceived notion about being a SAHM: “Since you stay at home all day your house should be clean. All the time.” That is a preconceived notion I myself have but only about myself. Not towards any other SAHMs, oddly enough. I expect that every other mom is so busy with her kids that her house won’tContinue reading “Cleaning and Homeschooling Don’t Mix…Do They?”

We took the week off! (Homeschool scheduling)

It wasn’t obvious to me when I first started scheduling our school years that I needed to add in some REGULAR break time. I wanted to do school for about 180 days, and in my flawed thinking, the faster we got that done, the sooner our summer could begin. Forget the love of learning; forgetContinue reading “We took the week off! (Homeschool scheduling)”