Learning by experience

I was reading through the ofamilyblog earlier today (this post) and what she said, what I quoted above, screamed out to me. I think we all realize this, and I even know this about myself and how I learn best, but I need the fresh awareness of wise thoughts like the above. I taught myselfContinue reading “Learning by experience”

Gathering ideas for our big trip

We’ll be taking a big trip this year; one that’s several weeks long. We’ve done school while traveling before, but I haven’t been very good in incorporating the places we’re traveling through and to into our schooling. We’ve done field trips to places like Boston, Jamestown/Williamsburg/Yorktown, etc. where we go, learn about something, and thenContinue reading “Gathering ideas for our big trip”

Shame on Virginia (and I mean the whole state)

Recently Virginia has been in the homeschool news for refusing to give homeschooled children the H1N1 vaccine. I’m going to rant a little. May I remind the state of Virginia that just because we choose to keep our children out of public school (and that includes privately schooled children, however, I do not know ifContinue reading “Shame on Virginia (and I mean the whole state)”

School’s Out For The Summer — Musical Stylins re: School

Our third year of homeschooling has come and gone. I, like my student, am glad to see summer. Don’t get me wrong, homeschooling is very rewarding. You play the essential part in putting knowledge into your children’s brains. You see the ah hah! moments when the lightbulb suddenly switches on. You get to know yourContinue reading “School’s Out For The Summer — Musical Stylins re: School”

California makes it illegal to homeschool

OPEN LETTER TO THE CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEALS Who on GOD‘s green earth do you think you are to take away my right to teach my children at home? Since when have you become better at knowing what is best for them to learn than me? As a homeschooler I already have to jump throughContinue reading “California makes it illegal to homeschool”