a salutation a farewell wish but really – love, affection, peace America needs some aloha right now. I was so excited to try some beach writing out when we went to Hawaii. The original shot didn’t quite cut it though. The horizon wasn’t straight so I straightened that. I cloned and healed out the footprintsContinue reading “Aloha!”

Toy Boat

(Say that fast five times) Oh the magnificent deep that lies just below these calm waters. Monterey Bay is an underwater canyon, about the depth of the Grand Canyon. After: Here is the original. Very flat and very blue. When I started manipulating it, I realized it was taking on a toy-like quality. ~~~   ~~~  Continue reading “Toy Boat”

Set the world on fire

Another HDR type effect. The before and after differences are amazing! Most of those black shapes in the water are rocks. One or two of them are the heads of harbor seals! This is one of the amazing beaches along the coast between Pacific Grove and Asilomar. AFTER: BEFORE: ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Set the world on fire”